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and Health Services computer system that calculates reimbursement rates. The resulting foster care rate assessment will cover six months. Following the assessment, you will receive a notification letter explaining the level of the assessment and how you can appeal if you disagree with the

Foster parents receive a payment from the child welfare agency in the state they reside in. Funding to state agencies comes from the Child's Bureau (part of the.

However, these fees are waived for prospective foster parents who are becoming licensed and approved to provide foster or foster/adopt care for children placed by CFS. This fee is waived when the prospective foster and/or adoptive parent uses the 4-digit employer (CFS) ID # provided at the time of application.

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development of a plan of care for foster care children and section 408(f)(2) requires use of employees of the state child-welfare agency "to the maximum extent practicable" in placing the (6) child. /4/ Section 408(d) states that the services of child-welfare employees used in placing a child are reimbursable under section 403(a)(3).

Reimbursement for board and care of children in foster care is based upon the category of care that foster parents provide. general Care The customary care of foster children in licensed homes includes providing food, shelter, daily supervision, school supplies, and a child’s personal incidentals.

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Resource Parent reimbursement rate resource Parents are also referred to as foster and adoptive parents. foster care provides 24-hour-a-day substitute temporary care and supportive services in a home environment for children birth to 18 years of age in OKDHS custody.

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