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Developing general permit for smaller towns. Preparing for rulemaking in Division 40 and. 44 (groundwater and UIC) http://www.deq.state.or.us/wq/uic/uic. htm.

City of Oregon City. is a key element in maintaining and enhancing livability within the City of Oregon City (City).. DEQ – UIC Fact Sheets and Guidance.

UIC systems regulated by the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ ) are defined as any man-made design, structure, or activity which discharges.

The Oregon Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) is a regulatory agency whose job is to protect the quality of Oregon’s environment.

DEQ regulates the UIC program under Oregon Administrative. The City of Keizer began formally moving forward with development of a UIC program in.

Underground Injection Control (UIC) Program The Oregon Department of environmental quality (odeq) issued a permit in June 2005 authorizing stormwater discharges to city-owned UICs. The permit protects groundwater through an aggressive stormwater management program, and uses stormwater as a resource to recharge groundwater and surface water.

UIC Definitions and Basic Questions. Oregon regulates UICs to protect groundwater resources. In Oregon, 70 percent of communities depend on groundwater as their source of drinking and irrigation water. Fluid injected into the ground that is contaminated from sources such as industrial businesses, auto repair shops,

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factor we must address regarding water quality in oregon. nonpoint source.. may need registration with DEQ's UIC Program (call 503 229-5945). PROJECT.

. UIC RULE AUTHORIZATIONS. rule authorized by the Oregon DEQ.

Administration and enforcement. EPA Region 8 enforces the hazardous waste UIC regulations in Montana because DEQ has not been delegated primary enforcement responsibility for Class I, III, IV, and V.

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The UIC database should not be considered comprehensive as many unregistered UIC systems remain in Oregon. If a site or individual injection system qualifies as rule authorized, the owner/operator will receive a letter with their UIC registration number (s) stating that their site or part of it.

under the federal Underground Injection Control (UIC) program. Contact the Oregon Department of Environmental. Quality (DEQ) for DEQ permitting requirements. Benefits. Soakage trenches reduce runoff flow rate, volume, and temperature.

Download Now Louisiana Solid Waste Management and Resource Recovery Law, LRS 30:2151 to 30:2158, LRS 30:2192, and LRS 30:2198 Louisiana Underground injection control program, LRS 30:4c, LRS 30:4.1,