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SALEM, Ore. (AP) – An Oregon judge has ruled that the Oregon Fish and Wildlife Commission illegally reversed an earlier decision granting endangered species status to the marbled murrelet, a.

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The first Marbled Murrelet nest in Oregon was discovered by researcher Kim Nelson in 1990. Since then, 78 nests have been located, of which, only 30 were active when found. Nests remain a challenge to locate.

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A new report from the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife shows that despite previous protections, the marbled murrelet is still in trouble. And now, the state is considering whether to list the.

The marbled murrelet is listed as threatened on both the federal and state Endangered Species Act lists. It is one of the only seabirds and the only species in the alcid family that nests in

Conservation. Marbled Murrelet populations are in decline, particularly in Washington, Oregon, and California. Partners in Flight estimates a global breeding population of 260,000, ranks the species a 15 out of 20 on the continental concern score, and includes it on the Yellow Watch List for species in decline.

Goal: Protect the marbled murrelet from extinction. The endangered marbled murrelet has been illegally denied protections under the Endangered Species Act. Join the courts in demanding that this suffering species be granted a second chance at protection. The seabird, found in Oregon, has been.

The Marbled murrelet, a threatened seabird that nests in old-growth forests throughout the Pacific Northwest, is officially an endangered species in Oregon. The state’s Fish and Wildlife.

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There are about 70 known murrelet nests in Oregon, Nelson said. Formerly listed as a “threatened” species, marbled murrelets recently were relisted as “endangered” in Washington, Oregon and California.

The Oregon Fish and Wildlife Commission has decided not to elevate the endangered species status of the marbled murrelet after all. The board reversed its earlier vote on the issue at a meeting.

Marbled Murrelets spend most of their lives in marine waters and forage at sea on small fish and invertebrates. Throughout much of their range, they fly inland for nesting in old-growth and late-successional forests. The Marbled Murrelet was listed as threatened under the federal Endangered Species Act in 1992 and threatened under the Oregon Endangered Species Act in 1995.