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The official website of the Oregon Secretary of State Subdivisions of Land Conservation and Development Department. The committee was established to advise LCDC and local governments on matters pertaining to public involvement. It is an advisory body with no explicit or implied authority over.

Duties and Responsibilities: The division, created in 1976, oversees Oregon’s federally designated coastal program providing grants and technical assistance to coastal communities. The division provides assistance related to four statewide coastal planning goals and coastal hazards.. The committee was established to advise LCDC and local.

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In 1973, Oregon Senate Bill 100 established the Land Conservation and development commission (lcdc), with policy and administrative oversight of the state-mandated land-use planning program. LCDC executes its responsibilities by developing administrative rules, participating in the judicial process, providing technical assistance, collecting data, and facilitating studies.

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660-015-0005 Statewide Planning Goal and Guideline #15 #15 – Willamette Greenway. [Publications: Publications referenced are available from the agency.]

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660-003-0050 Review Upon Remand or Reversal from Oregon Court of Appeals or Oregon Supreme Court Division 4 – INTERPRETATION OF GOAL 2 exception process. 660-025-0040 exclusive jurisdiction of lcdc 660-025-0050 commencing Periodic Review 660-025-0060 Periodic Review Assistance Team(s)

On May 31, 1984, LCDC announced that if Clatsop County would make certain changes in its plan, LCDC would allow a "segmented acknowledgment."[1] On June 27, 1984, Clatsop County held a public hearing concerning the changes suggested by LCDC. 1000 Friends received notice of this hearing.

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[15] Before LCDC and the Court of Appeals, 1000 Friends raised several other objections upon which it either prevailed or chose not to petition for our review. 1000 Friends of Oregon v. LCDC, 73 Or.App. 350, 354-56, 698 P.2d 1027 (1985) (third through fifth assignments of error).

(b) Some rural residential areas have been reviewed for compliance with Goal 14 and acknowledged to comply with that goal by the department or commission in a periodic review, acknowledgment, or post-acknowledgment plan amendment proceeding that occurred after the Oregon Supreme Court’s 1986 ruling in 1000 Friends of Oregon v. LCDC, 301 Or.

(6) "Eastern Oregon" means that portion of the state lying east of a line beginning at the intersection of the northern boundary of the State of Oregon and the western boundary of Wasco County, then south along the western boundaries of the counties of Wasco, Jefferson, Deschutes and Klamath to the southern boundary of the State of Oregon.