Depoe Bay Oregon Facts

Known as the “Whale Watching Capital of The Coast’ Depoe Bay Oregon is one of our favorite spots nestled along the picturesque Oregon Coast. While Depoe Bays history dates back as far as the early 1800’s, it didn’t really become populated and developed until the turn of the 20th century. Before the arrival of early colonists, Depoe Bay was home to coastal Indian tribes that spoke more than 20 languages between all of them. Chinook, Salishan, Siuslaw, and more lived along the harbor where they would often hunt seals, and fish for food. In 1855 the U.S. Army came in and established a supply station just off the Yaquina River and by 1856 the Coast Reservation was formed and many of the native Indians from Depoe Bay and surrounding areas were moved to the new reservation. The waterway that is now known as the Depoe Slough was once used for ships carrying supplies to the Siletz Indian Agency which overlooked the Coast Reservation. Depoe Bay derived its name from a Tutuni/Joshua Indian Charlie DePoe (Depot according to some records) who was forcibly removed to the Coast Reservation along with his family and friends. 

In the late 1920’s the Sunset Investment Company purchased much of the land with the intent to establish a town in what is now known as Depoe Bay. At the time, it was believed the Depoe Bay would eventually become the leading summer and winter resort along the Pacific Coast. In 1928 the community applied for a post office under the name “DePoe Bay” but when the approval was returned, it was listed as “Depoe Bay” as it is called today. In 1930 the city was in talks of establishing a Coast Guard base that would later become a reality in 1940. During their developmental boom, the city of Depoe Bay would also open a popular destination aquarium, and would establish Depoe Bay as the world’s smallest navigable harbor. After two failed attempts, Depoe Bay community finally achieved incorporation into a city on May 22, 1973 and continued to be developed and grow into the coastal destination town that it is today. 

Depoe Bay is now home to just over 1,400 people and is a popular destination town along the coveted Oregon coast. Best known for being a whale watching epicenter, Depoe Bay is the perfect stop for anyone looking to relax along the Pacific Ocean for the day, or weekend. Conveniently located just between Lincoln City and Newport, Depoe Bay provides easy access to other picturesque coastal towns. If you’re looking to getaway with your friends or family, we highly recommend renting one of Depoe Bays beautiful, luxury, oceanfront homes or suites. Thanks to its status as a coastal vacation destination, there are plenty of homes and suites to choose from. When planning your trip to Depoe Bay we suggest using Keystone Vacation Homes to find your perfect spot. With dozens of lodging spots to choose from, Keystone Vacation Rentals makes finding your home or suite fast, easy, and efficient.